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Life Happenings. . .

HI blog world! How’s it hanging? So today I had the urge to write. Actually, I’m sitting at my desk at work typing this up right now while things are slow and quiet here. I didn’t really have a plan for this blog post other than to catch you up on my life happenings, however scarce they may be. So let’s get started.

I turned 23 years old on Saturday. This was probably the first of many birthdays that I was actually kind of freaked out about. 23 seems so old to me. Now that may seem stupid to some of you but in my life, I have always been the youngest. The youngest of all my cousins (Hadley is the youngest of our generation), the youngest of my closest friends, some by almost a year and in most of the jobs/internships I’ve had, I’ve been the youngest by almost ten years in some cases. So age never really meant a whole lot to me until this birthday. I mean, I use night cream now, and have to actually take my makeup off before I got to bed at night if I don’t want to spend the next three days getting that glow back. I. Have.Under.Eye. Circles. There, I said it.

To add insult to age, I had a number of people tell me in the weeks leading up to the 14th that they were married at age 23, and that it is such a great age for that momentous occasion. Now, I have never been the girl who fantasized about her wedding or is in any sort of rush to get married, hell, most of my past “relationships” never even made it past the “we’re talking” stage. But when you’re single and multiple people are telling you that you’re at prime marriage age, the flood gates open. So for the past week I’ve been wondering if I should be checking the left hand of every male specimen that approaches. Should I be going out to bars with my equally single friends, dressing myself up in attempts to commit some sort of animalistic mating call? Should I be creating a wedding Pinterest board just in case said mating call works? Am I old enough to freeze my eggs? (Sorry too far?) And then I stop, and realize I’m turning into That Girl. You know her. And I am not going to let this birthday ruin what small part of me is not crazy. So I will continue to not worry about marriage, or dating or any of that. If it comes it comes but I’m going to take my sweet time.

Moving on.

We went to the Big E for my birthday, I know, I’m such a party animal. If you don’t know what the Big E is well, then I’m sorry your life isn’t as enriched as it could be. This place is insane. It has to be at least  5 square miles of shopping extravaganza. They have buildings, yes full buildings, filled with booths selling goods from all over New England as well as an entire building devoted to international loot. But my personal favorite, the easy living (or was it better living) building where they housed any type of merchandise you have ever seen on QVC or an infomercial. We came home with everything from caramel apples and real maple syrup to vegetable peeler/dicers and silicone Tupperware covers that fit any container EVER. Overall, a great way to spend a birthday.

Apart from my birthday, life has been the same old daily grind. I have been inspired to write a lot more lately and I’m thinking on making some progress on my novel tonight. In attempts to move that along more and get into a more routine habit of writing I’ve decided that one day a week, after work, I’m going to park myself in a library or a Panera or even the clichéd coffee shop and just write for a few hours. There’s a yoga class near my work at 7:15 on Tuesdays so I might write from 5-7 and then go take the class, maybe that will help my ever-increasing stress levels. Probably not.

Stay tuned for my Things I’m Loving Post coming soon. =)

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